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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

Blog by Bev Kingston | May 26th, 2016

Spring Home Maintenance Checklistimages (1).png

Are you ready for spring? Use this checklist to help prepare your home!


¨  Check your water heater for leaks and corrosion!

¨  Clean or replace your furnance filter.

¨  Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under dryer. Remove all lint and dust.

¨  Inspect your smoke detectors. Change the batteries and test the monthly.

¨  Check your electrical outlets for frayed wires or loose fitting plugs.  


¨  Check for damage to your roof.

¨  Clean gutter and downspouts to keep debris from accumulating.

¨  Remove dead trees in your yard.

¨  Trim trees and shrubs away from utility wires.

¨  Safely store oil and gas for lawn equipment.

¨  Repair cracked or uneven driveways and walkways.